Woman Owned, Minority Owned & Disabled-Veteran Owned

CyberMyte's Capability Statement

Woman Owned, Minority Owned & Disabled-Veteran Owned

CyberMyte's Capability Statement

Cybersecurity Infrastructure & Consulting

Created by two U.S. military veterans with a combined 43+ years in IT and cybersecurity, CyberMyte is a cybersecurity resource designed to meet and exceed federal compliance standards.

Our core capabilities are two-fold. First, our secure cloud infrastructure (CyMyCloud) meets all stringent security requirements mandated by various government agencies. Businesses and programs can adopt CyMyCloud to become Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliant.

Second, we administer cybersecurity consulting regarding system security design, continuous monitoring, and more. We blend proprietary automations with hands-on technical and operational expertise to achieve security, compliance, and functionality.

Our value is founded in our extensive knowledge of government programs, such as the DoD's RMF assessment and authorization process for both the Army and Navy. We proudly leverage our certifications and expertise to enable faster and more secure software cycles across the federal landscape.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

As a CMMC registered practitioner, CyberMyte is certified and proficient in all aspects of CMMC. We pride ourselves in our ability to prepare third parties for and certify third parties in CMMC.

CyberMyte's Core Competencies


Cybersecurity Proficiency of CyberMyte Leadership

  • 100% success rate in achieving accreditation without conditions in 12 months or less.

  • Created 3 unique cybersecurity programs from the ground up.

  • Saved more than 1,000 support tickets and over 500 man hours by developing an automation that identified non-functional systems within the Persistent Cyber Training Environment.

  • Guided the expansion of a multinational cloud service provider from 15 sites to 45 sites globally.

  • Saved the U.S. Army $15 million over 5 years by designing and implementing a storage consolidation initiative for 5th Signal Command.


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Past Performance

Google Government Support Services

Provided cloud infrastructure installation and support for the deployment of Google Cloud into IL5 and IL6 spaces. We assisted Google in the development and implementation of internetworking solutions to deploy Google Cloud platforms that meet government requirements, with an emphasis on Risk Management Framework and compliance.

Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency

Designed, configured, and maintained the Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes platform.

Department of Army, PEO STRI, PCTE

Provides PCTE with professional support services as cybersecurity analysts. Our cybersecurity services support PEO STRI's initiative to quickly accredit and maintain and continuously monitor the newly developed PCTE program. Among our numerous tasks is the objective to develop and implement technical solutions, utilizing existing security hardware and software.


Provides GISA with Information Assurance (IA) support, assisting the program in passing a reaccreditation for the addition of network equipment and additional locations. Our IA expert provided technical writing support (plans, procedures, schedules, and flow charts), document gathering and management, drafting and formatting documents to support required artifacts, and drafting new forms, templates, and other policies related to technical editing and publications of the products.


Provided lead cybersecurity information system security engineering support services to USNO during their transition from as-is to to-be infrastructure. We determined USNO's security requirements, designed new infrastructure around those requirements, and implemented system security through testing and documentation. CyberMyte achieved three accreditations for the multiple USNO system classification levels.

5th Signal Command

Provided staff augmentation for Lead Storage Architect, Virtualization Architect, and Network Engineering. CyberMyte designed, planned, coordinated, and executed the move of over three Petabytes of data across nine groups and two datacenters. The consolidation to a single storage solution saved 5th signal command over $15 million in additional storage buys and support over a 5 year period.

CyberMyte identified failing hardware within the 5th Signal Command's European theater. The identification and subsequent fixes saved more than 1,000 support tickets a year and countless man hours in troubleshooting. CyberMyte designed and supported a VMware infrastructure that supported 50,000 people in the European theater (designed to support a surge of up to 250,000 troops and support staff).

Blanchfield Army Community Hospital

Implemented an information security program for Blanchfield Army Community Hospital. We developed and implemented a comprehensive information security strategy throughout the hospital. We performed project management, identified upcoming security initiatives, and communicated with leadership on security-related processes.

Take the Pain Out of Cybersecurity Compliance.

CyberMyte Delivers Secure, Federally Compliant Infrastructure & Hands-On Cybersecurity Management.