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The United States government has an annual federal contracting budget of roughly $650 billion per year. And the Small Business Administration (SBA) ensures that at least 23% of that budget is allocated to small businesses.

That’s why the government awarded $148.9 billion in federal contracts to 83,255 small businesses in 2021.

How much did your small business get?

The Average Value of a Federal Contract Within

the IT Industry Was $218,000the Consulting Services Industry Was $236,000the Facilities Maintenance Industry Was $357,500the Drinking Water Industry Was $574,169

How to Join the 83,000+ Small Businesses Splitting $148.9 Billion In Federal Contracts

Government agencies are required to advertise all contracts over $25,000 in a particular place.

We’re talking about everything from hospital remodels and light bulb replacements to water purification systems and playground equipment.

The small businesses getting all that contract revenue…

1. Know where to find those contracts
2. Meet the strict requirements of government contractors

The only thing separating you from those 83,000+ small businesses is security. But it doesn’t have to be…

CyberMyte is the first and only secure cloud infrastructure designed to win you federal contracts.

It plugs seamlessly into your business, achieving federal compliance while adding a level of cybersecurity trusted by the Department of Defense.

CyberMyte delivers the infrastructure AND the hands-on cybersecurity guidance you need to start winning federal contracts, all for the fraction of the cost of a single IT employee.

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Founded by two U.S. military veterans with a combined 43+ years in IT and cybersecurity, CyberMyte is the vanguard of federally compliant cloud cybersecurity. Together, we’ve spent a lifetime crafting real-world cybersecurity solutions for the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, FBI, Department of Defense, and other federal agencies.

Our experience within the federal workforce–including security engineer and officer for multiple DoD contracts–brought a core issue to our

The vast majority of federal contracts have stringent security requirements that are well beyond the capabilities of most small- and medium-sized businesses.
So, we created a solution dedicated to cybersecurity compliance for government contracting.

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Two Ways to Get Started at No Cost

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What Are You Interested In? *