What to Expect When Working With the Most Popular Cloud Service Providers

If you’re looking to secure your business or even modernize it, you’ve likely thought about upgrading to a secure cloud infrastructure.

That’s a great idea!

It means you’ll be able to access every tech service you need—databases, storage, computing power, and more—anytime you need it. That’s a whole lot easier and cheaper than buying, hosting, and maintaining your own data centers and servers.

But that also means you have some choices to make…

There are a few different options to choose from, and most people only ever know about the “big guys” in the cloud space.

So let’s discuss what to expect when working with the most popular cloud service providers, and a little-known option that could solve all your problems at once.

Who are the big guys? We’re talking about Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft’s Azure, and Google Cloud.

While these providers offer slightly different solutions from one another, they all come with the same pros and cons from a general standpoint.


On the good side, the big guys offer a plug-and-play cybersecurity infrastructure. You can basically purchase a ready-to-go cloud solution that keeps you from having to spend precious resources on your own servers and data centers.

That means you save money, become more agile, and have the ability to scale in either direction with relative ease.

But that’s where the benefits halt.


What most small business owners don’t know about the big guys is that there’s still plenty of work to do once you invest in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

You see, the cloud infrastructure offered by the big guys isn’t tailored to your business. So you’ll still need to figure out how to make your existing business processes and systems work with their cloud infrastructure.

And the big guys don’t handle the daily, weekly, and monthly security maintenance required to keep your business secure at all times.

From compliance monitoring to risk management and beyond, you’ll still need an IT staff or at least an on-hand cybersecurity professional to get the job done.

And if you’re a small business owner hoping to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in government contracts, the big guys don’t do anything to make your business compliant with federal security requirements.

But there is a solution that ticks every box…

CyberMyte Does It All

CyberMyte is cybersecurity for small businesses. 

It’s a secure cloud infrastructure and a team of cybersecurity consultants. Choosing CyberMyte is like having your very own cybersecurity department, but for a fraction of the cost of just one IT professional.

Check out the difference between CyberMyte and the big guys…

CyberMyte vs Aws, Azure, Google Cloud

Get a secure cloud infrastructure tailored to your business, the compliance monitoring, the risk management, and the hands-on cybersecurity management.

And get the first and only security cloud designed to win you federal contracts.

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